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Who we are.

odagroup. Is a fast growing digital health company providing users and companies with cutting edge, innovative and medical device regulated technology to drive forward human physical and mental wellbeing. The company develop medical devices and services in-house but also offer full service consultancy services, from design, development and regulation to pharmaceutical partners working on important, innovative projects.

Our vision.

Digital health technologies and real world evidence will improve healthcare. Advances in healthcare bring significant social and economic benefit. Increased life expectancy, improved quality of life; a more active population; a healthier workforce; less pressure on healthcare services and budgets are some of the prizes that ultimately depend on research breakthroughs in medicine, health and the biological and technological sciences that underpin them. Through technological expertise odagroup. is committed to help accelerate progress to improve healthcare, treatment, medicine and ultimately human lives throughout the world. We place heavy emphasis on empowering patients. We firmly believe that innovative and regulated patient companion software that guides, informs, alerts, assists and learns from user experiences will advance human wellbeing.

About Us



Copenhagen office

Flæsketorvet 68

1711 københavn






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