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Is a leading digital health company providing users and companies with cutting edge, innovative and medical device regulated technology to drive forward human physical and mental wellbeing. We are based on Copenhagen, Denmark and was founded in 2020. Working with NGOs, Health organizations, Insurance companies and Pharmaceutical partners we are incredibly proud to record having helped, supported and guided more than +850.000 patients while contributing valuable, aggregated data to scientific research and donating +3 mio. kr. to charity through our app Drugstars™. We strive to make the world a better, healthier place through modern technology and real world evidence.


We believe that digital health technologies and real world evidence will improve healthcare. Advances in healthcare bring significant social and economic benefit. Increased life expectancy, improved quality of life; a more active population; a healthier workforce; less pressure on healthcare services and budgets are some of the prizes that ultimately depend on research breakthroughs in medicine, health and the biological and technological sciences that underpin them. Through technological expertise odagroup. is committed to help accelerate progress to improve healthcare, treatment, medicine and ultimately human lives throughout the world. We place heavy emphasis on empowering patients. We firmly believe that innovative and regulated patient companion software that guides, informs, alerts, assists and learns from user experiences will advance human wellbeing.


We partner with industry leaders and innovators to build, host, maintain and manage state of the art medical products. Here are some of our partners:




AI driven technology combines the power of algorithms, the experience of +100 doctors, and in-depth medical knowledge from established sources. Partnering with Infermedica, Microsoft and Allianz Partners odagroup. is proud to offer fully a customizable, language-versioned, clinically reviewed, white-labelled version of this service to Scandinavian clients covering all legal aspects while adding valuable addons such as data-tools and early signs of cancer- and diabetes-screening modules to the solution. (DK)


odagroup. is proud to have recently acquired DrugStars. DrugStars is a movement with more than 490,000 users sharing medical insights and experiences with each other. Every day, more people join the movement to become DrugStars. Together, we become more than just an app, more than patients taking medications while empowering each other sharing unprecedented information. We are DrugStars: A global movement fighting for patients voices to be heard, ultimately seeking - and scientifically proven - to improve treatment for everyone. Read more.


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Pharmaceuticals in the environment is sadly a growing problem on a global scale. Drugs taken and not taken (waste) by humans sadly find their way into our rivers, lakes, and even back into your drinking water, which is having devastating effects on both aquatic life and human health all across the globe. It’s now we have to do something.


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Drugsdisclosed is the patients voice. Here we provide instant access to live, on demand, real-world patient insights.

501,237 medicine reviews, delivering more than 55 million data points around their medicine, offering real-world insights. These insights are the backbone of our online software solution built for the future of pharma-patient-centricityIf you’re a patient, a patient organisation, a charity, a journalist, a non profit researcher, a politician,or you are part of a national health authority you can; 


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Your Medicine

We source, render and parse data from more than 6 different public, validated endpoints from Agency of Danish Medicines and EU to present end-users with an all-in-one one stop site for information on Medicine. No information is sourced from pharmaceutical companies or entities owned by big-pharma making this site users best go-to place for a unbiased information about their medicine, alternative medicine, prices, side-effects, package leaflets etc. (DA)


Medical devices

We invent and develop technological medical device-software as inhouse products or as agency and service provider for our clients. In close collaboration we bring their valuable solutions to life offering end to end services from strategy, ideation, design, ux, development, compliance, security, hosting, data-mining, AI-services, maintenance and go-to-market adaption.

Regulatory affairs

While building innovative digital health software technology we have obtained expert knowhow into security, GPDR and medical device regulations. With our regulatory experts and lean processes we take full responsibility for compliance and legal adherence whether it is for our own products or products we co-create with our clients.

Artifical Intelligence & Data

90% of companies have difficulty scaling AI across their enterprises. Our proven approach can help. Deploy AI through an open, hybrid cloud strategy to unlock the value of your data and build competitive advantage. We help your business implement a data-driven culture to make sure you have the data foundation to deploy AI at scale while implementing AI technologies and logic to crunch data and gain true insights to support your progress within the space of digital health.




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