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Symptom checker makes it easier to pre-diagnose, triage, and direct your clients to appropriate medical services.



Take your Business to the Next level with AI-based,

EU-compliant and CE-certified Services

AI Symptom checker

White-labelled leading-edge preliminary symptom screening and triage app, effectively guiding users to timely and proper level of care.

Admin Panel

Realtime data collection and visualization through Admin Panel. Track ratings, feedback, usage and generate advanced reports based on demographics.

Reverse look-up

Custom screening tool. Start with a condition instead of a symptom to explore the probability based on statistic models and AI.

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In a nutshell

Odagroup helps insurance, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies engage with their audience with world leading AI-based symptom-screening. A service that generates value and excitement offering reason-to-come for costumers and potential costumers and segue-ways to conversions such as medical video-consultancy or other forms of assistance. ​

Physicians and AI together

Our technology combines the power of algorithms, the experience of +100 doctors, and in-depth medical knowledge from established sources. The world leading service has been developed with Infermedica, Microsoft and Allianz Partners since 2012. Odagroup is proud to offer fully customizable, language-versioned, clinically reviewed, white-labelled version of this service to our Scandinavian clients covering all legal aspects while adding valuable addons such as data-tools and early signs of cancer- and diabetes-screening modules to the solution.

Outstanding AI technology

Symptom Checker uses best-in-class artificial intelligence and machine learning to assess symptoms, find dependencies and common patterns in data, and get smarter over time (with a little help from our talented data science experts and physicians!).

93% engine accuracy

The accuracy of our technology has been confirmed by cases from BMJ, NEJM, JAMA, and others.

8,000,000+ health checkups

Every day, people rely on information provided by Infermedica to find the right care.


Symptom screening is approved as medical device classification-1 (European statutory CE approval). In addition, the symptom screening is 100% GDPR complian. All collected data is anonymous and confidential. Our API does not allow the exchange of returnable data such as IP address and / or personal identity information such as name, email or telephone number. Oda APS only processes statistical and anonymous information for research and continuous improvement of the service.

Refine your process

Whether you want to collect patient data, give health advice, triage patients, drive traffic to your site, differentiate from your competitors, drive conversions or support medical staff, Odagroup can help.

Use cases
  • Triage and patient orientation

  • Intake collection

  • Clinical decision support

  • Effective Marketing tool

  • CSR-strategy

  • Add value

  • Drive specific conversions



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