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Press releases

Press releases from odagroup. are primarily issued in English and posted below. As the company is based in Copenhagen, Denmark some local or country-specific press releases might be in danish.

Press release. 2022, 03 Jan.

On January 3, 2022, odagroup announced it has acquired all assets of the company, Drugstars. Drugstars is a charitable mobile application that helps individuals remember to take their medication and rewards them for sticking to their regimen. Users can use their rewards to support charitable causes. The app is designed with a simple and user-friendly interface and allows users to track their progress over time. The acquisition by odagroup ensures the continuation of the popular Drugstar app, which is used by over 45,000 active daily users to remind them to take their medication. The new management, in partnership with both former business partners and new players, plans to investigate opportunities for creating a sustainable and scalable business model. However, they assure users that the app will continue to be free and ad-free.

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